Who Are We?

TechClimbs is an IT Solutions Company , leading specialist in the world of Information technology. We offer dynamic IT services and specialized support and are committed to providing comprehensive solutions and services to mid market businesses and focused strategic consulting services to enterprise businesses.Tech Climbs is able to offer both end-to-end solutions and needs-driven consultation. In short, we help dynamic organizations align their IT services with their business requirements.

What we offer?

TechClimbs offers a wide range of IT services, by operating our client’s technology environment for them. By doing this we are able to maximize the opportunity for our clients to sustain their initial competitive advantage, while removing the increased risk that accompanies larger business dependence on technology solutions.

Why we are different?

Rawad ITS works in collaboration with their clients to design, deploy, operate, and improve the IT services that are essential to their businesses. In addition, the extent of product and service offerings makes TechClimbs a valuable contributor in this industry as IT services company, where we are known for using both the reliable tested solutions and new innovative methods depending on what suits our clients’ needs the best.


Using a consultative approach, our experts identify which areas of your business can benefit from our services. This transforms IT from an overhead, providing commodity services, into a strategic value-add for your business. TechClimbs is committed to meeting their client’s needs as well as working within their budgetary parameters. if you are looking for IT Services Company then you found the best.

Our Services?


Our team of devoted Atlassian consultants are ready to assist you with building a strategy, and accomplish an results-driven solution. With the focus on your long-term digital strategy, our Atlassian consultants will assist you to build complete reliable Atlassian solutions >> Read More 


We help our clients with their DevOps transformation and automation projects by providing integrated Agile coding, building, testing and deploying software development. Our DevOps consultancy specialists help accelerate DevOps processes, scale up when additional expertise is needed and provide ongoing support >> Read More 



We provides the services of manual testing to assess the product quality from the end user’s perspective. The aim of manual testing is to check whether system operates according to specified system requirements without any errors and failures >> Read More 



We can help your business to identify the right approach and tooling for test automation, support a proof of concept and accelerate your adoption by automating your regression test backlog in a way that you can manage change moving forwards. We can also firefight your existing automation and get it working for you >>Read More 




Whether you’re just getting started with Amazon Web Services, or you want to optimize your existing solution, let us help you to get the most of your cloud investment. We take the time to understand your team’s needs and goals, within the context of your business and industry to ensure maximum, long-lasting impact >> Read More 



We have been using Kubernetes since its inception to orchestrate highly available distributed systems. Our engineers can help you tackle its steep learning curve, whether you run it on AWS, Google Cloud or Azure >> Read More 




As a full-stack web development company, we deliver a wide range of custom web solutions for small and big businesses in different domains. With maximum effort and attention to details, we create web apps, services, and sites that accurately answer your expectations and satisfy the specific needs of your company >> Read More 




We offers robust training and development services for your staff and external stakeholders. Our services fill the knowledge gap between the old and the new, allowing users to hit the ground running on the first day after transition >> Read More 




Our Database services ensures that customer databases are protected and monitored by establishing backup and recovery procedures, providing a secure database environment, and monitoring database performance >> Read More