ACP-100 - Workflows

Exam Topic:
  • Describe core workflow functionality (triggers, conditions, validators, postfunctions, events, properties) and map workflows to issue types.  
  • Given business requirements, create new workflows and/or implement appropriate changes to existing workflows and schemes.  
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot workflow configurations. 
Expected Questions%: (5-15% of exam)

Important Notes:
  • Workflows: have following parts
    • Status
    • Transition
      • Simple transition
      • Common transition
      • Global Transition
    • Conditions
    • Validators
    • Post Functions
      • Events
    • Triggers : all other parts will be ignored in triggers
    • Properties ( please visit my another article on properties)
      • Transition properties
        • Limiting resolutions
        • Translate transition
      • Status properties
        • Controlling who can edit an issue
  • Common exam examples
    • Can’t see the transition(Condition)
    • Can see but cannot execute the transition.
      • User have not transition permission 
      • A validator is being failed
      • There is required field but doesn't appear on screen
      • A workflow property , not allowed to edit issue but there is some auto save field
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