ACP-100 - Issue types, fields and screens

Exam Topic:
  • Given a scenario, identify and implement appropriate changes to built-in fields including statuses, resolutions, priorities, translations, and issue types.
  • Identify the appropriate issue type configurations to satisfy business requirements.  
  • Given a scenario, determine the effects of modifying and restructuring active issue types and schemes.  
  • Determine the correct configuration of a field, considering field context, field configuration (scheme) and screens (schemes).  
  • Troubleshoot the correct configuration of a field, considering field context, field configuration (scheme) and screens (schemes). 
Expected Questions%: (10-20% of exam)

Important Notes:
  • resolutions, priorities, statuses, and issue types fields are modifiable and only can do translations 
  • Customs fields are also transable 
  • Resolution field is globally accessible and all values will be visible by default to filter the resolution; it can be achieved by using workflow properties. 
  • If one status is renamed it will reflect on all workflows/issues where its used
  • If resolution is set for an issue, then jira consider it as resolved and set the resolved date.
  • If you have new requirements to complete, go only and in last creating new issue types, fields, screens if it's really necessary after evaluating all existing possible solutions.
  • Filed Contexts
    • In field contexts custom field can be assigned  to selected project and  issue types
    • You can set default values 
    • You can create multiple field contexts for different projects or issue types where you can use different default values and if its a list you can add different values as per needs.
    • You can't have multiple fields contexts for multiple issue types in same project
  • Before detecting any issue type, you must move existing issues under another issue type
  • If field is not appearing on issue , there could be following causes
    • Filed context not set
    • Issue is hidden in field configurations
    • Issue is not present on screen
    • On view issue, if field is empty it will not show
    • User selected the option custom field in his issue view screen and un selected the custom field.
    • Note that, there are no permissions exist in jira related to field visibility except few one like time logs, time estimates 
  • Only for text fields ,rendering can also be used in field configurations, for example in description field you want to use it as wiki style text

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