ACP-100 - General project configuration

Exam Topic:
  • Describe the appropriate use of general project settings (key, category etc.).
  • Determine whether to modify an existing project, and/or create a new project to meet business requirements.
  • Determine whether to use an existing project template, and/or modify project schemes to meet business requirements.
  • Describe the appropriate use of components and versions.
  • Determine which project activities should be delegated to the project administrators. 
Expected Questions%: (10-15% of exam)

Important Notes:
  • Editing a project key
    • It is recommended to use the appropriate project key so that there is very less need to change the key.
    • Jira will do background re-indexing if project key is changed
    • Once the project key is changed
      • Jira will still keep the old project key and it can be used in JQL.
      • You cannot use the old project key to create new project, only If project is deleted then the old and new key will be releases
      • You can revert back the update to the old-key.  
    • Issue links will work with issues but link alias will remain the same with old key alias.
  • Editing the project name
    • If project is renamed
      • Need to update filters, gadgets where this project was used
  • Editing the project category
    • If project category is renamed
      • Need to update filters, gadgets where this project category was used
  • Changing the Project Type is a major  and it is easier to have a new project.
  • How to decide use the existing project or create new project for new requirements
    • Use Existing
      • Adding new IssueType 
    • Create New Project
      • Specific permission or issue security requirements
      • Project notification requirements
  • Whenever a new project is create new jira create workflow scheme, issue type and issue type screen screens for the project, other schemes are shared by default
  • Project Types: 
    • JIRA Core is for internal teams to track and work on projects/issues together
    • JIRA Software is similar to JIRA Core, with extra functions for development teams using Agile/Kanban methodology.
    • JIRA Service Desk is for teams who receive incoming issues/requests from other teams/customers
  • Project components 
    • Servers two functions
      1. Sub categorize the data

      2. Automatic assignment of tickets

    • One or more component can be assigned to an issue
  • What Project Administrator can do
    • Can create versions
    • Can create components
    • Manage Role membership
    • Can update project details except project key
    • Extended project administration: If project administrator have update workflow permission then they can update the workflow only if
      • Workflow is assigned to their project
      • Workflow is not a default workflow or its not used with other projects
    • Project admin can do following changes in workflow
      • Can add new status only those status which are already available. 
      • Can create,edit,delete transitions (can't edit properties, conditions,validations,post functions)
      • Can add,remove and rearrange fields to screens inside their projects if 
        1. Screen is not a default screen
        2. Screen is not used any other workflow 
    • Project admin cannot do following changes on workflow 
      • Cannot add workflow properties,conditions, validators and post functions.
      • Cannot create new status , update and delete a status.
      • Cannot create new custom fields

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