ACP-100- Configuring Global Settings, Layout, Design, and User Communications

Exam Topic:
  • Modify Jira configuration settings to match the organization's requirements (look and feel, logo, website links in the application navigator, default language).
  • Judge the appropriate content for the system dashboard, user/team dashboards, and filter columns for an organization.
  • Determine appropriate methods for communicating information to users.
  • Determine which global settings to modify to meet provided business requirements (attachment options, issue links, time tracking, subtasks, white list, general configuration).
Expected Questions%: (5-10% of exam)

Important Notes:
  • Layout Configurations(with Jira default features without any plugins)
    • Gadget colors can't be changed on Jira cloud
    • Font style and sizes cannot be changed on both jira server and cloud
    • Jira banners can set as
      • Public
      • Private
    • You can change following from Jira look & Feel screen
      • Logo (only PNG, JPG and GIF)
      • Favicon
      • Site Title
      • Colors
      • Gadget Colors
      • Date/Time Formats
  • Dashboards & Filters
    • Default dashboard contains, introduction gadget, assigned to me gadget
    • Filters columns can be set as 
      • My Default : for login user view
      • System level: For all users default view
      • Filter Level: for filter issue view
    • In filter subscriptions, you can only see those groups where you are a member of those groups.
    • Default page size of the filters result is 50 records in issue results view but it does not have any impact on dashboard gadget.
    • Read about the different gadget types and what is the user of them .Once exam question is about gadgets which gadgets can be helpful to fulfill the needs
    • Filters and Dashboards can be shared with 
      • Group
      • Project 
      • Any logged-in user
      • Public
    • In filter email subscription, if you selected the check box "Email this filter, even if there are no issues found" then you will be receiving email even no records in filters. There is one exam questions related to this topic so explore it carefully.
  • Announcements
    • Users can be communicated in two ways
      • Banners: For internal users
      • Emails 
        • Can be used for internal and external
        • Announcement emails can be sent to project roles and project groups.
        • In case of outage : retrieve the list of emails from Jira db and send email using external email 
    • Announcement banner common miss-configuration issues are : in correct HTML Tags
  • Global Configurations: Which can impact all users

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