ACP-100 - Authentication and Security

Exam Topic:
  • Evaluate the appropriate method of authentication and sign-up.  
  • Determine the appropriate password policy to be applied.  
  • Assess whether or not Jira is appropriately secured.
Expected Questions%: (5-10% of exam)

Important Notes:
  • There are two two type of user directories
  • User Creation vs Public signup
    • User Creation: Jira admin create users or add users from ldap or crowd
    • Public Signup: Any user can sign p and will be added to internal directory or jira
  • For public signup it is recommend to enable captcha
  • Jira user password policy 
    • is disabled by default and should not be used for external directories
    • Password policies are
      • Disabled: is default one which means no password policy
      • Basic
      • Secured
      • Custom: allows to use own settings like pwd length, complexity and similarity checks.
  • Project issues comments visibility can have following options when creating a comment and can be configured from config admin panel.
    • Members of a project group
    • Members of a project role
    • All users

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Muhammad Ramzan  is a certified Atlassian Consultant having 10+ years of professional experience in the area of DevOps, Software Testing(Manual/Automation) and Atlassian Tools Administration