Jira Administrator ACP-100 Exam Preparation to pass the exam

In this article, we will discuss about how to pass the Jira ACP-100 exam easily. We will discuss following tops
  • Exam introduction
  • Exam Topics with all tips 
Exam introduction
Jira Administrators manage, customize, and configure Jira from within the Jira user interface. ACP Certification in Jira Administration covers the skills needed to optimize Jira for any development or business team.

  • You have 2-3 years of experience administering Jira.
  • You understand the specifics of Jira Server. (Cloud-specific material is no longer covered in the exam except at a high level when comparing Cloud, Server and Data Center to meet a company's needs.)
  • You can interpret and translate business requirements to Jira.
  • You can keep Jira healthy because you grasp how your choices affect Jira's performance, scalability, and day-to-day manageability.
  • You’re a guru when it comes to workflows, schemes, and other features available through Jira.
  • You know how to take advantage of Atlassian resources and community to help your team implement best practices within Jira.
Exam Number : ACP-100

Location: Kryterion Testing Centers

Products: Jira Software Server Enterprise Releases
: USD $250 + tax

: 180 minutes

: 60%

: 70 - 80

Important general points :
  • Install a fresh Jira server 7 without any plugins or any customization's
  • Read all exam topics carefully
  • Try to get a partner , remember 1 +1 =11 , once you are two you can challenge each other and can get better explanation  
  • Read the official documentation for these topics.
  • Against each topic practice on an actual Jira Server instance.
  • Try to appear in  exam at the center instead online.
  • During the exam do not spend to much spend time of questions you don't know , mark them as review and once you completed other exam questions review them
  • Do 3 iterations of answers (copied from Ravi Saghar blog)
    • In first go do simple questions.
    • In second iteration review the questions that you have doubt on.
    • Third iteration should only be for trying questions you don't know by intelligent guess work.
  • Don't leave any question without answer, try to attempt all questions, there is no negative marking
  • While answering the questions follow the strategy
    • Take the blank paper and pen
    • Read the question carefully - please focus on this word carefully. Words of the question are very important, some time you read the questions and understand it wrongly so you will answer it wrongly.
    • Now you have a set of answers, start eliminating the wrong answers first.
    • Now select the best suitable answer
  • Download sample questions, available a lot online, now solve them using the same strategy above. Don't be on hurry, solve one by one but carefully and you should know while solving the question why you choose the answer option.

I have described most important points needs to be focused for each exam topic. Please visit the each exam topic and you can find detailed notes.
About Author
Muhammad Ramzan  is a certified Atlassian Consultant having 10+ years of professional experience in the area of DevOps, Software Testing(Manual/Automation) and Atlassian Tools Administration