How to prepare and pass the ISTQB – CTAL ( Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Analyst) Exam

As described in my previous articles, ISTQB CTAL have three exams. (Read Article)

In this article, we will only focus on CTAL –TA (Certified Tester Advanced Level - Test Analyst). Read the article , and i am sure you will get the answers of all your queries regarding the exam.

Exam structure

  • Total Points: 97
  • Passing Marks: 65% (Formula: Points gained / Total Points*100)
  • Exam Fee: 250 EUR
  • Exam Duration: 180 Minutes
  • Exam Questions: 60


  • All questions are objective types
  • No negative marking
  • Every questions have different points varies from 1 - 4 depends on question complexity
CTAL have seven sections with points against each section

Test Process
Test Management
Specification – Based Test Techniques
Defect – Based and Experience Based Test Techniques
Testing Software Quality Characteristics
Defect Management
Testing Tools

How to register the exam.

  • Visit the PEARSON website (Click here)
  •  Select the ISQI exam
  • Register with Pearson
  • Provided all detailed asked, and pay the fee.
  • Go to exam center, appear for the exam.
  • Once you finished the exam , you will received your result in printed form
  • If you passed, you will receive the exam certificate on your postal address within four weeks.

Recommended Books

  • Rex Black (2008), Advanced Software Testing - Vol. 1: Guide to the ISTQB® Advanced Certification as an Advanced Test Analyst, Rocky Nook
  • Graham Bath and Judy McKay (2014), The Software Test Engineer's Handbook: A Study Guide for the ISTQB® Test Analyst and Technical Analyst Advanced Level Certificates, 2nd ed., Rocky Nook

 Points to remember while preparation for the exam

ISTQB course is divided into four categories, you must know these categories before the preparation.
  • K1: Remember
  • K2: Understand
  • K3: Apply
  • K4: Analyze

CTAL Syllabus

    Tips to Pass the exam

    • Go through and understand the course outlines thoroughly, because the exam is totally based on the course outlines.
    • Study the books mentioned above
    • If you have practical knowledge of the concepts it would be great for you to answer the questions
    • Practice the testing techniques practically because the most points are belongs to specification based testing techniques
    • After study practice on the exam questions, because in exam questions are very tricky even if you have number of years experience might be you will be confused in answering.
    • On exam day analyze each question properly and then put answer.

    Exam Practice Questions

    Question# 1
    How many invalid test cases can be identified from the “Route Calculation” state table
    You may assume all actions are different and independent.
    [K3] 3 credits
    A. 6
    B. 8
    C. 102
    D. 12

    Answer: A

    Question #2
    Ken, an entrepreneur in Leeds finds the quality of the tea locally available so low, that he
    decides to research superior teas around the world. He decides to market, sell and
    distribute these superior teas via the web. His market strategy is to offer superior products
    on a well-designed website with graphics that are fast to load, has high availability, superior
    usability and fast response times.
    The website will offer the following:
    - An innovative interactive catalogue of teas, which not only enables customers to buy the
    product, but also enables them to provide feedback by rating the teas (which will influence
    his stock purchasing levels)
    - Provide the customer with the ability to use secure credit card transactions
    - Provide the customer to give general feedback
    Ken selects an iterative model for the development of the prototypes. The team consists of

    three developers that are experienced in web development. Ken, although he doesn't have
    technical skillset, is concerned with quality. He doesn't believe a lot of documentation is
    necessary and he wants the website to be completed quickly.
    The test basis contains the following:
    - Story boards that show the information flow and page links through the site
    - HTML pages developed to date.
    - A statement of non-functional requirements.
    With the strategy taking shape, Ken asks your advice on the specific testing techniques
    that should be used to complete the required testing, bearing in mind the nature of the
    application and the nature of Ken’s overall objectives.
    Which TWO of the following items may more frequently need to be explained in greater
    detail for non-functional defect reports than for a functional defect report?
    [K2] 1 credit
    A. Expected results
    B. Steps to reproduce the defect
    C. Test data used to identify the fault
    D. Level of load on the system at the time of failure
    E. Actual results

    Answer: A,D

    A temperature unit holds the temperature between 10 degrees Celcius and –10 degrees
    Celcius. If the temperature drops below –10 or rises above 10 then an alarm rings.
    Boundary Value Analysis tests are drawn up using the approach of two test cases per
    boundary. The temperatures to be tested are:

    [K3] 2 credits

    A. 11, 10, -11, -10
    B. 11, 10, 9, -11, -10, -9
    C. 11, 9, -9, -11
    D. 10, 9, -9, -10

    Answer: A

    Which of the following is a type of testing that someone in the role of a test analyst, working
    with the test manager, should typically consider and plan for?

    [K2] 1 credit

    A. Security testing
    B. Reliability testing
    C. Accessibility testing
    D. Performance testing

     Answer: C

    Question # 5
    Working together with the test manager during test planning, which of the following
    activities is NOT expected to be performed by the test analyst?

    [K2] 1 credit

    A. Review the test estimates of the test manager
    B. Review the test plan for non-functional testing
    C. Organize adequate test resources
    D. Being involved in risk management sessions

    Answer: C

    Stay in touch, in upcoming articles i will share the exam practice questions.

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