Software Testing Techniques and testing methods

Most of the testers are not fully aware about the testing techniques used in software testing. In daily testing activities we used these techniques but not aware about the exact terminologies and how to use them.  In this article I will explain the testing techniques in details. To read the about testing levels and types read the article : Testing Levels and Testing Types

These techniques are complementary and may be used as appropriate for any given test activity, regardless of which level of testing is being performed.

 Testing techniques are based on testing type are basically categorized into two types of testing

Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing (or dynamic analysis) is a term used in software engineering to describe the testing of the dynamic behavior of code. That is, dynamic analysis refers to the examination of the physical response from the system to variables that are not constant and change with time. In dynamic testing the software must actually be compiled and run. It involves working with the software, giving input values and checking if the output is as expected by executing specific test cases which can be done manually or with the use of an automated process 

There are three types of testing techniques under the Dynamic Testing Type

  1. Specification Based Testing Techniques(click here to read)
  2. Structured Based Testing Techniques(click here to read)
  3. Experience Based Testing Techniques(click here to ready)


Static Testing

Static testing is a software testing method that involves examination of the program's code and its associated documentation but does not require the program be executed. Static testing may be conducted manually or through the use of various software testing tools

There are tow types of testing techniques under the Static Testing type
  1. Reviews
  2. Static Analysis

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