Important tips while sending CV in email to HR or Recruiters

Whenever you send your CV to HR , its very important that HR notice your email so they can review your CV. Below  are few tips if you adopt , your success rate will be high.

  1. Make good use of subject lines, don’t put subject like “Resume” , “AOA”, Properly use the job subject for example “Resume for the post of Electrical Engineer 0 Job code : 123”
  2. Keep messages clear and brief, Add a summarized brief in email, why you sending this email , so that the HR should read your email properly
  3. Be polite while communicating
  4. Proofread your email before send
  5. Do not send emails in bulk, do not put many HR in one email. Always send one email to one HR
  6. Do not send too many email on the same time , other wise your emails will be in junk folder of HR
  7. Try to send emails on early morning or working day, so your email will be on top of other emails. If you send email on holiday or in night, there are chances your email will be on last and HR will not notice your email